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Raid Times
We raid on the following Days and Times:

Friday - 14:50- 17:30
Saturday -  14:00 - 18:15

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Kyphosis- EU Stormscale Horde
<Kyphosis> Semi-hardcore weekend 10m raiding guild on EU-Stormscale HORDE . 

The guild  formed by group of friends early in april 2012, we strive to clear HM content while still preserve time for our own lives. 
If you think you are a great player and raiding every day is too much- this is the place for you.
Leadership has 8/8HC  exp on another realm.

DS - 6/8HC. 

Raid times:
We raid 2 days a week - Friday & Saturday 14:00-18:00st .

We require you to have:
1. Skill and Mature attitude.
2. 90% attendance - due to us being a 10man guild you are expected to have 90% attendance, we do expect IRL situations to occur , let it be weeks, months before you miss another raid.
3. Flexibility & Understanding of your class to the bone- 10man raiding is dynamic, sometimes your Off-spec will be the best choice for certain encounter, thus we require you to have a proper Off-Spec.
4. You must have HM experience.

If any of this requirements is a problem for you - don't bother to apply.

We use loot-council to distribute loot.

Currently recruiting :

Druid-Balance (off spec resto a big bonus)

Will always consider exceptional applications.

Recruiting Information
Kyphosis is currently recruiting the following:
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